Thursday, 4 June 2009


In the past weeks there has been a massive increase in the number of fire calls to properties in and around the East Marsh area, which not only pose a danger to local residents and attending fire crews, but also to the perpetrators of this anti – social behaviour. Humberside Fire & Rescue Service are working with agencies throughout North East Lincolnshire in an effort to reduce the number of calls to arson attacks on derelict properties within East Marsh by engaging with youth groups, youth offending teams, police, Shoreline Housing and local ward councillors to reduce this anti social behaviour.

We need to do this before somebody is killed in an arson attack.

This area is without doubt one of the worse areas in the town. The question I am asking you is;

Where are your kids tonight?

Are they out playing with matches and lighters? Having a laugh with their mates?

The question we need to ask is when does having a laugh with your mates become anti-social behaviour?

When your children arrive home in the evening do they smell of petrol, or do they have scorch marks on their clothes, do they smell of smoke? These are tell tale signs that you can spot. You can help us to bring down these figures and help make your community safer for all.

Your local fire station is on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year, they are ready to respond to any emergency call, and will arrive within minutes ready to put their lives in danger to save others. You can save a life quite easily by being aware of what your children are doing, and putting a stop to this.

You can contact us confidentially by calling or texting 07940 737141 and leaving us information relating to deliberately lit fires in your area.

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