Sunday, 29 November 2009


Last week, the Liberal Democrats launched a new website; it is the second new website that the party has launched this month. This time it is a social network site called Act. Already Act, which was launched on Wednesday as well over 1,000 registered members, and the numbers are growing daily.

Act is a new way for people who identify with the
Liberal Democrats and engage with party actions to get directly involved in campaigns. By harnessing a more focused social network, supporters, activists and like-minded people can discover new ways to connect, organise and campaign for issues that matter to them.
Act is open to all Liberal Democrat supporters, members and non-members. Users are able to join groups, organise events, watch videos, talk politics and join in campaigns.

Together with the new website – launched on November 2 – and a Members’ only site set to go live shortly, Act is the centrepiece of a comprehensive digital overhaul for the Lib Dems. Each site caters for specific audiences and offers different levels of engagement.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Chief Executive Chris Fox said: “The Liberal Democrats have long been at the forefront of the social web. Act helps online activists, campaigners and opinion formers to take us forward in the next stage of our development online.

“Based on this exciting platform, we plan to release a number of bespoke campaigning and fundraising tools over the coming months to enhance our network and extend our reach.

“Our strategy has taken on board advances witnessed by activists and party staff who spent time in the US working with the Democrats during the Presidential election campaign.”

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