Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Community team members from the Care Trust Plus older people’s health and wellbeing collaborative recently descended on Victoria Street market, Cleethorpes, to promote the ‘Snug as a Bug’ campaign.

The Snug as a Bug campaign launched in August 2009 and is due to finish at the end of March. During this time the team have been able to help countless members of the public keep well and keep warm during the winter weather by informing them of local agencies that can help them.

Through the hotspot cards system promoted by the campaign (which links in with Citizens Advice Bureau, the pension services, Humberside Fire and Rescue and the North East Lincolnshire Council home energy team) older people can access free checks including home energy checks, fire safety checks and pension and benefit checks.

The team handed out thermal mugs and room thermometers (keeping a room at a certain temperature not only saves money saving but is healthy too).

Martin Wakefield, project manger for the older people’s collaborative, said: “The campaign aimed to bring together relevant organisations that can offer services to older people. By using the hotspot card system, people only needed to sign up once to receive all the free checks rather than having to approach each organisation individually.

“The event was extremely successful with 60 people asking for further information and 20 completing a hotspot card, all of whom will now receive the free checks that can really make a difference.”

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