Thursday, 7 August 2008

Our Community Warden's Deserve Our Support

It was interesting to read last nights Grimsby Evening Telegraph and the online responses. Indeed, there were 73, and of course they were mostly attacking the North East Lincolnshire Council. In many ways the article appeared as though we were anti-smokers.

The headline used in the report was “No Butts for Litterbugs”, which I am sure antagonised many smokers. Then, it went on to say ‘Litterbugs have been fined almost £3,000 in a day of prosecutions for dropping cigarette butts. In total, 15 people were fined at Grimsby Magistrates’ Court in just one day after dropping litter on the streets of North East Lincolnshire’.It was reported that I said: “Our community wardens will start proceedings on anybody caught dropping litter.

“This is necessary to make our streets safer and litter-free, so we can all take responsibility for the local environment, and bring back a sense of local community spirit“.

Spencer Hunt, North East Lincolnshire Council’s Service Manager for Safer Communities, said:

“Litter is unsightly, brings the whole appearance of our neighbourhoods down and reinforces people’s perception that our area is in decline.

“The council and its partners are working very hard to improve the face of North East Lincolnshire so the stance of zero tolerance fines for littering and graffiti will continue in a bid to restore pride in our communities and neighbourhoods.”

The article unfortunately; did not report the good work carried out by Community Wardens and our Council, and so far this year we have removed 54.8 tonnes of fly-tipped waste. We have also removed 32 burnt out vehicles and 31 abandoned vehicles. The Community Wardens have engaged 69 schools to deliver educational packages, and they also undertake diversionary activities throughout the school holidays with the aim of cutting down Anti-Social Behaviour. They have also removed 9,820 removals of graffiti on properties across the Borough – this is only an example of the magnificent workload!

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