Sunday, 12 October 2008


A fourth “crack house” has been closed down in Grimsby this is the second closure in the West Marsh area the first was in Bramble Close. There have been similar closures in both Patrick Street, and Roberts Street (East Marsh).

Officers swooped after a closure order was granted for 33 Henry Street, where there have been persistent problems with drug dealing.

Residents’ lives have been made a misery as a constant stream of “customers” visited the property day and night.

However, they will now be turned away after police put two signs up, simply saying “Closed”, in the windows of the house.

Police said residents of the street, and the West Marsh area, will now be able to enjoy a little “peace and quiet”.

District judge granted the closure order at Grimsby Magistrates’ Court yesterday, after officers served the occupant with a closure notice on Tuesday.

The district judge praised the work of the local community and the local PCSO, who prepared a body of evidence.

Following a raid in September, police uncovered a quantity of Class A drugs – including what is believed to be heroin – and associated paraphernalia.

Prior to any ‘crack house’ closure the police have to carry out a great deal of paperwork: in this case, like with the other three instances their efforts have paid off. Let’s hope that normality can return to the local community as quickly as possible.

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